oh hai

written by: cyn
tuesday 7am

funny-pictures-oh-hai-buggood morning peeps!

gahhhh… i have totally slacked at this blogging (amongst other) things AGAIN!
life has been a bit on the chaotic side (ain’t it always?) and well… this blog always seems to take a back seat.

besides being chaotic — things are good.
despite my BOLD claims and whole “INSPIRATION” post i made last, i did NOT get back on the health wagon until this past sunday.
i could beat myself up about that — but i won’t.
i am trying like hell to get on track NOW and really, that’s all that matters!

11912980_10206192477268952_591680834_ni did actually make it the gym this past sunday and RUN too! well — i am doing the couch to 10k app so there was more walking than running technically — but there was indeed some running happening and that is the first time since MAY that has happened — so yay me!

the pineapple diet

the pineapple diet

dean and i are on a pretty intense detox “diet” for five days (started yesterday) so i am dealing with that.
food wise — i’m golden.
lack of coffeewise — i’m a raging evil BITCH!
i caved — i am drinking coffee as i type.
yeah, i made one measly day and said “fuck this shit!
i love my coffee…



i gave up meat and my beloved cheese like it was nothing when i was vegan — but coffee is my weakness.
i clearly cannot live without it and have a pretty unhealthy obsessive relationship with it!
otherwise than my cup of love in the morning — i am sticking to the “diet“.
yes mono diets are bad — i know this.
but this is for detoxing and jumpstarting a healthy regime only.
we may do it next monday-friday again just to really get in the groove because both of us have fallen so far off the wagon we can’t even see the damn thing!

in other news:
i made ALL A’s last mod at school!11873959_10206142793266883_1843825032_n
i worked hard and frankly — i earned every single one of these A’s!
last mod was pretty smooth — this one is still hard to tell and believe it or not we are almost half-way done with it.

when i signed up for school i thought a year was a significant amount of time to devote to this — but wow, it’s really going by fast. i am literally just a few weeks away from hitting the halfway mark!

besides things pertaining directly to me…
all is well.

my sweet girl

my sweet girl

skylar is in vermont (AGAIN!) until saturday and i gotta admit that i am happy this is her last long trip away from me.
i miss her terribly and feel like i have barely seen her all summer!
(well, because i haven’t… ugh!)
she starts first grade in exactly one week!
and cameron starts high school!
egads — please be kind to me time — i don’t want our kiddos growing up so damn fast!

we have plans to have a girlie beach day this sunday!
sky, myself and my mom!
we are pretty stoked about that as it’s the first time we’ve made it the beach ALL SUMMER!
yup, i live in a state surrounded with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and hell if i have seen any all summer.
just pray that i don’t have a test on monday and spend my entire afternoon there glued to quizlet studying!

well i guess that sums it up as far as a quickie post/update goes.
i gotta get motivated anywho… test today and i am sitting here in my bathrode with a towel on my head like i got nada to do!

hope all is well out there and everyone is livin’ la vida loca!

peace, love and margaritas,


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