written by: cyn
saturday 1pm

not withstanding the spider bite from hell… i have been trying really hard to get back on track.
THE bite set me back as i was instructed NOT to workout due to heavy activity can actually help some infections spread. (as if my whole upper thigh, upper cooch region and literally half my ass wasn’t big enough!?!?!)

sorry, that slipped!

but i have been trying to eat better this past week or so.
limiting portions, trying to add more fruits and veggies, making better choices, yadda yadda.
well, when we were doing our vitals (weight, height, BP, pulse, etc) yesterday in my clinical class i was down FOUR POINT SIX pounds since the last time i weighed in a couple of weeks or so!
yay me!

and now that THE bite is getting better and not looking like i may need a thigh/cooch/ass amputation — i am feeling ready to get moving and adding exercise to the mix!
if i wasn’t eyeball deep in studying for finals on monday — i’d be there RIGHT now!

at any rate — here are some of my favorite motivation meme’s and pics i have pinned via Pinterest lately!
(no,i am not giving link credit — i find most to be bogus anyhow and well, i just don’t give a shit!)

then i found this circuit workout on Pinterest as well — seems like a nice beginner workout to get back into the swing of things?4983311a52429998d728dcf6bf3a4526
i am so painfully out of shape — and it’s sad to think that just a little over a year ago i ran TWO half marathons!
but not belly-aching — time to shut up about it and move the fuck on!

starting monday i am BACK to making exercise a priority!
i have no excuses because my last final tests are on monday and sky left for vermont just as hour ago for ten days — it’s NOW or never!
who’s with me?

peace, love and margaritas,


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